Guake 3 Features

TBD: Long description of each feature

Single Hotkey terminal


  • Appears when you call and disappears once you are done by pressing a predefined hotkey (F12 by default)

  • Customizable hotkeys for tab access, reorganization, background transparency, font size,…


Guake can now (>=3.1) starts automatically on GNOME startup.

Advanced Tab Support

Guake has several modes available to manage tab. You can let guake automatically rename the tab or give you own name.

Color Palettes

Thanks to the Guake community, a huge number of Terminal palettes are provided out of the box.

GTK Theme

Guake allows you to choose a different GTK theme than your environment.


You need to restart Guake after changing the GTK theme.

Multi Monitor

TBD: Multi-monitor support (open on a specified monitor, open on mouse monitor)

Hook points

TBD: Configure Guake startup by running a bash script when Guake starts

Save Terminal Content

TBD: Save terminal content to file

Custom Commands


DBus commands

The major features of guake are available on DBus.


Tabs are uniquely identified with a UUID. Each terminal receives this UUID in the following environment varialbe: GUAKE_TAB_UUID. It can be used to rename the tab from the command line using --tab-index 3c542bc1-7c99-4e73-8d37-e08281bd592c.

Per-directory .guake.yml file

If there is a file named .guake.yml in the current working directory of the shell associated with a tab, Guake will try to read the title from there. The current format is very simple and it will probably change in the future:

title: "My Great Project"