Basic Details

If you would like to contribute to the development of Guake, here are some general information.

Found a Bug?

Before opening a new issue, please read the following:

  • for feature requests, please use FeatHub ). This allow us to spot directly which are the most requested features.

  • A Bountysource page also exists for requesting new features for Guake.

  • before opening a new bug, please search for a similar one in the GitHub Issues .

Submitting a Pull Request

Please follow these steps before submitting a new Pull Request to Guake:

  • rebase on latest HEAD with git pull rebase upstream master

  • describe your change in the pull request

  • execute the code styling, checks and unit tests using: $ make style check reno-lint test

  • add a slug in release note using $ make reno SLUG=<short_name_of_my_feature> and edit the created file in releasenotes/notes/.

    You can see how reno works using pipenv run reno –help. Please use a generic slug (eg, for translation update, use translation)